TV Connector

The TV Connector is an easy-to-setup and easy-to-use device that can be used with STRATOS, EXCITE Pro, EXCITE, and sound SHD stream hearing systems for excellent quality streaming sound.

  • Excellent sound quality with AirStream™ technology
  • Pressing one button will connect any compatible hearing systems within 1m
  • Streaming up to 15m
  • Multiple people can listen to each device

The TV Connector can be connected to TV’s and other audio sources. It streams directly to hearing aids, just like using wireless headphones. With AirStream™ technology it delivers excellent sound quality streaming from any TV and stereo system.

Remote Control

The Remote Control is beautiful, handy and easy to use. The large, clearly labeled buttons make it very easy to adjust the volume. The listening environment or program can also be easily changed using this device.


The remote microphone with its optimized design and performance can be easily attached to the clothing of a conversation partner with its integrated clip. It has excellent sound quality and battery performance. The PartnerMic is a real asset, especially in acoustically challenging situations.


Hearing system wearers can benefit from the proven performance of Roger™ technology in noise and over distance¹, with RogerDirect, which allows Roger microphones to stream directly to FOKUS hearing systems.

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