Hansaton hearing systems stand for top quality, sophisticated technology and attractive design. These attributes characterise every single small masterpiece, from the entry-level class to the high-end hearing systems. Therefore, the FLOW family offers outstanding performance at a low price.

Customers with hearing impairments can select from three BTE designs – of course all of which are protected from external influences by plasma-coating, or if they prefer something more discreet, they can choose an ITE version, with the size being dependent on their acoustic needs. Design lovers will get value for money.

The integrated Background Noise Manager and SpeechLift functions ensure optimised speech intelligibility, also in acoustically challenging situations with higher background noise – for a natural and pleasant hearing experience.

Important functions at a glance:

  • Direct sound management: Reliable sound quality preservation with open fittings
  • SpeechLift: Optimises clarity of speech
  • Noise reduction: Reduced background noise.