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Hansaton is a German manufacturer. They are leaders in hearing innovation and design. They pay special attention to understand what really concerns people with a hearing problem and what it is they want. And, with passion and personal commitment they have kept this as their focus when developing innovations in hearing systems technology and design. They have won numerous awards for product design, with the last award being issued in 2012.

EXCITE hearing systems “wow” from the very beginning.

The EXCITE hearing system’s delicate, sophisticated design […]

The new sound SHD stream combines binaural hearing intelligence with 2.4 GHz technology.

Life is connection. A lively […]

Brilliant and beautiful.

The sound SHD product family combines chic design and brilliant sound, and its versatility of […]

Limitless freedom. Hearing without batteries*.

As the world’s first rechargeable external receiver system with integ […]

Clever and discreet.

HANSATON’s jam SHD product family includes both traditional Behind-the-ear hearing systems and […]

The high-performance Behind-The-Ear hearing systems with SHD technology.

The beat SHD product family is part of HANSAT […]

Enjoy life with all your senses.

HANSATON hearing systems stand for top quality, innovative technology, and appealing […]

Radiant purity.
Perfect hygiene for a lifetime.
Hearing systems require special, ongoing care and maintenance, which is why HANSATON has worked with HADEO […]

More freedom at the touch of a button.
Most HANSATON hearing systems can be controlled via remote control or connected to other multimedia ass […]