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Hansaton is a German manufacturer. They are leaders in hearing innovation and design. They pay special attention to understand what really concerns people with a hearing problem and what it is they want. And, with passion and personal commitment they have kept this as their focus when developing innovations in hearing systems technology and design. They have won numerous awards for product design, with the last award being issued in 2012.

HANSATON FOKUS Hearing Systems
The great sound performance and connectivity your clients want, in designs they will love. Plus easy h […]

With STRATOS, your clients can launch into a new dimension of hearing.
Stronger performance, more connectivity features and even easi […]

EXCITE Pro. Hear like a PRO

atest EXCITE Pro product series and its most modern technologies open new doors for you t […]

EXCITE Pro. Hear like a PRO

Our new EXCITE Pro product series and its state-of-the-art technology open new doors for […]

Enjoy hearing life, every day.

Based on proven technology, flow+ covers a wide range of hearing losses and has appeali […]

Radiant purity.
Perfect hygiene for a lifetime.
Hearing systems require special, ongoing care and maintenance, which is why HANSATON has worked with HADEO […]