With STRATOS, your clients can launch into a new dimension of hearing.
Stronger performance, more connectivity features and even easier handling make these new hearing aids heroes of everyday life.

Explore new galaxies of hearing

NEW LEVEL OF SOUND PERFORMANCE featuring our ingenious new Intelligent NoiseReduction
LIFESTYLE ANALYZER  for increased confidence in performance level recommendations
IMPROVED EASE OF USE with tap control and new personalized features for you and your clients

Intelligent speech focus

HANSATON has achieved a new level of hearing performance thanks to improved innovations with STRATOS. Dynamic SpeechBeam works together with Intelligent NoiseReduction to help provide better opportunities for your clients to hear in acoustically challenging situations… like enjoying a relaxed conversation in the kitchen, while preparing a smoothie.

Lifestyle Analyzer
Making decisions easy

Selecting the right performance level is crucial to your client’s success with their hearing aids. With myChoice and the Lifestyle analyzer, your client’s hearing aids can monitor their listening environments and report back to you how much time they spend in each type. The visualizations in scout allow you to involve your client in the decision-making. You can move from being a salesperson to being an advisor to find the right performance level for your client… together!

Easy connectivity with all mobile phones

  •  Enjoy hands-free phone call
  • Tap control – the easy and effortless way to
    • Accept & end phone calls
    • Play & pause audio streaming
    • Trigger a voice assistant (e.g. Siri2, Google Now™ service…)
  • Personalize the listening experience with a smartphone.

Rechargeable Runtime (charging from 0% to 100% in 3 hours*)

  • 24 hours: Without streaming
  • 16 hours: AirStream technology (TV Connector/PartnerMic)
  • 11 hours: Bluetooth® phone and music streaming

*Actual charging time depends on the remaining battery life, but it will not exceed 3 hours.

Exclusive Designs

COMPLEMENTARY COLOURS: HANSATON wave design in tone-on-tone for an elegant touch

IMPECCABLE DESIGN: Sophisticated refinement to delight your clients

MODERN BY TRADITION: HANSATON stands for beautifully designed hearing aids

Available Colours


TV Connector

Remote Control


Roger Receivers