Auris Installation instructions

Click the download link below:

  1. Place mouse on the left of “Name” and check the box, if does not appear go to next.
  2. Click on Download. Files will be downloaded into folder
  3. You can see the progress of the download by clicking on the down arrow on the top right of your screen.
  4. Extract all files from folder
  5. If new folder will appear with name Auris(1) or Auris(2) etc, rename it to Auris and move this folder to drive C:
  6. Note: during the installation program will reset your computer.
    Please close all applications to avoid losing sensitive data.
  7. Run file Install.exe
  8. If you receive a warning message from antivirus software, click run it anyway
  9. After Installation has been completed, start Auris software, click on Setting on the top of the screen, Setting, Report Heading. Fill out all your company details and select Logo file. This information will appear on your report.