Ideal speech clarity and brilliant soundHD in an elegant design

soundHD, the hearing systems with external receivers, are aesthetically appealing and acoustically impressive. With their chic design, soft, rounded shapes, and range of colors, these new »lead singers« are a design hit in every way. The finest technology and a wide range of functions, available in four performance classes, sweep the hearing system wearer onto the stage of natural hearing. AutoSurroundHD and SpeechBeam+ provide ideal speech clarity and a brilliant sound – more natural than ever before.


soundHD S312

  • Push button
  • Modern housing design
  • IP57 certified
  • The plasma-coated surface protects the system against external influences such as dirt and moisture
  • Flexible fitting thanks to availability of different receivers
  • Battery Size 312
  • Integrated telecoil

At a glance.

  • Tinnitus care: integrated tinnitus function for optimal tinnitus patient care.
  • Acclimatization manager: for comfortable adjustment.
  • AutoSurroundHD:: superior sound and clear speech in any situation.
  • SurroundOptimizerHD: optimizes speech clarity and hearing comfort.
  • Frequency compression: Transfers signals from inaudible to audible range.
  • BiLink: intelligent binaural synchronization.
  • BiPhone: stereo hearing on the phone using both hearing systems.
  • Direct Sound Management: reliable preservation of sound quality with open fittings.

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  • Remote Control RCV2
  • uStream
  • uDirect3
  • uTV3
  • uMic2

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Attractive technology – soundHD in designer housing.

Design is an important subject at our glass-front production site. After all, as is often the case in life, first impressions are crucial. HANSATON‘s intelligent design solutions turn hearing systems into especially attractive, pleasant, and discreet little helpers. ease of hearing means not only superior technology, but also a sophisticated design concept. All HANSATON hearing systems must fulfill these requirements before they leave our production premises in Hamburg.

All this without sacrificing everyday practicality: soundHD S312 model is IP57-certified. Their plasma surfaces provide extra protection against external influences such as dirt and moisture.

soundHD in designer housing: Rounded, supple designs that account for the natural shape of the ear make the device pleasant to wear right from the start. Clever design elements and colour combinations ensure that the hearing system is hardly even noticeable – neither to the wearer nor to others nearby. The hearing system user can move about his or her environment freely and naturally.

soundHD S312 Colours