Classic and innovative: behind-the-ear HD technology.

Choosing a jamHD hearing system means choosing HANSATON’s classic behind-the-ear solution. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and dynamic design, jamHD hearing systems are a hit. Haptically optimised control elements makes jamHD RS13 attractive and comfortable behind-the-ear helpers.

jamHD S312 offers a winning combination of perfected housing and an optimised slim-tube, which translates to maximum wearing comfort for the hearing system user. Its small, ergonomically shaped housing and soft, transparent tube ensure that the jamHD S312 is particularly comfortable to wear and also scarcely noticeable from the outside.

jamHD RS13

jamHD RS13

  • Modern designer housing with button and rocker switch, allowing separation of volume and program controls
  • IP67-certified
  • The plasma-coated surface protects the system from external influences, such as dirt and moisture.
  • Integrated telephone coil

jamHD S312

jamHD S312

  • Modern BTE designer housing
  • Battery size 312
  • Earhook and mini tubes
  • IP67-certified
  • HD Technology
  • AutoSurroundHD
  • Specially textured pushbutton button for ease of operation

At a glance.

  • Speech Beam+: 360° of clear speech (performance level 9)
  • AutoSurroundHD: Optimal sound and clear speech in any situation
  • SurroundOptimizerHD: Optimizes speech clarity and hearing comfort
  • Acclimatization Manager: Makes adjustment comfortable
  • BiLink: Intelligent binaural synchronization
  • BiPhone: Hear telephone conversations in stereo, using both hearing systems
  • Frequency compression: Converts signals from inaudible to audible range
  • Direct sound management: Maintains sound quality reliably with open fittings
  • Tinnitus care: Integrated tinnitus function ensures optimum care for tinnitus patients

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  • Remote Control RCV2
  • uStream
  • uDirect3
  • uTV3
  • uMic2

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Did you know?

Especially practical: Specially designed controls provide maximum comfort. The plasma-coated surface protects the system from external influences, such as dirt and moisture.

AutoSurroundHD and SpeechBeam+ ensure perfect speech clarity and optimum sound quality. jamHD hearing systems adjust easily and automatically to different everyday situations – dining out or attending musicals can be enjoyable again.

Its integrated tinnitus function makes jamHD a perfect solution for tinnitus sufferers as well. Discover the possibilities jamHD offers you. jamHD is available in four performance classes: First, Business, Comfort and Economy.

jamHD RS13


jamHD S312