The EVE 510 surgical microscope with A-class configuration can make your operation more relaxed and facilitated. The design and manufacture of EVE series surgical microscope strictly accord with internal criterion and the standard of ISO13485. Each microscope strictly passes tests and commissioning examination, thus ensuring the machine you have got can operate normally. The EVE 510 surgical microscope adopts a step less turn-drum zooming system. The microscope has a wide focusing range, big field of view and clear visual effect. It adopts a 90°chief operator observing system. LED coaxial illumination. The Apparatus has been used for stomatology, dental, otolaryngology and neurosurgery fields.

The EVE 510 surgical microscope can be expanded by adding a TV video recording system and a photographic system for the purpose of teaching and data accumulation. The collected data and pictures can be sent to digital image processing system for further diagnoses and analysis. These images can then be used for scientific research, teaching and clinic use.

To strengthen the connection and exchange with the customers, excellent post sale service will be provided to the users who purchase our surgical microscope. We declare that the following promises will be offered:

  1.  Sending the instrument to the user free of charge
  2.  Providing installation and commissioning free of charge.
  3.  Offering operational training free of charge.


When you purchase our surgical microscope, you will get the following services:

  • Warranty period: one year.
  •  Pay only the cost for repairing the instrument that exceeds warranty period.


The following cases exclude warranty condition:

  • Damages due to improper operation, maintenance and storage
  • Damages due to resembling and modification by the third party without the permission of the manufacture
  • Damages  due  to  irresistible  natural  disasters  such  as  war  and  earth  shake disaster


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