Top-quality spatial acoustics optimization

The SurroundSupervisor acts as an interface between the hearing system and the environment, ensuring perfectly optimized spatial acoustics. The program integrates perfectly into the hearing system wearer’s everyday activities by analyzing and identifying the environment.

More than 30 high-resolution sensors make the results more precise than ever before: the SurroundSupervisor analyzes the current surroundings and determines the correct proportions of each of seven possible standard situations: four speech situations, two more situations without speech, and music. It passes this percentage distribution onward to the signal processing block so that it can serve as an input variable for AutoSurround.

The optimal environmental mix: a snapshot of the current acoustic situation.

The blend of up to seven weighted standard situations precisely reflects the wearer‘s current acoustic environment.

Continuously variable and automatic – for the perfect acoustic mix.

As a core function, AutoSurround is one of the keys to the new ease of hearing. The integrated primary SpeechBeam+ and SurroundOptimizer functions are in a constant state of intelligent exchange, thus ensuring top-quality binaural signal processing. Regardless of what situation the hearing system wearer is in, AutoSurround identifies the circumstances and automatically adjusts hearing system settings. The percentages specified by SurroundSupervisor help decide how the hearing system is ultimately set. Best of all, fixed programs are a thing of the past. AutoSurround uses previously identified individual parameter settings to create the perfect acoustic mix. The result is a completely natural sense of hearing – in 360 degrees. Nothing can stand in the way of active hearing experiences in any situation.

SurroundOptimizer HD can be set individually for any situation. It optimizes the two most important acoustic requirements that hearing system users have for their hearing systems:

  • Speech clarity in environments with background noise
  • Hearing comfort

To achieve this ideal, SurroundOptimizer HD intelligently coordinates four effective features. The result is a parameter composed of:

  • Amplification settings: Each of the seven situations is associated with a defined change in amplification. In music environments this change is made based on the preferred music style defined in scout.


  • Speech enhancement (ConversationLift/SpeechLift): The light gray bars in scout show the speech enhancement effects for every situation and every selected value.
  • Ambient noise reduction via the Background Noise Manager: The dark gray bars in scout show the ambient noise reduction effects for every situation and every selected value.
  • Microphone setting controls: If desired, the microphone mode to be used can be preselected, and this choice will be accounted for when making adjustments.


These functions are intelligently adapted to one another to provide hearing system users with the perfect results. In the scout fitting software, these parameters help provide convenient, precise regulation of speech clarity and hearing comfort.

Oftentimes in real-world environments, the speaker is not directly in front of the hearing system wearer. Speech comes in from all different directions, so it is not enough for the hearing system to have a technical focus towards the front. SpeechBeam+ perfects the functions of the SurroundOptimizer and ensures natural speech clarity in acoustically challenging environments without sacrificing sound comfort. SpeechBeam+ is activated as soon as the hearing system identifies speech with background noise components. It is capable of determining the direction of speech all around the wearer.

For the hearing system wearer, this translates to 360° hearing: Thanks to cutting-edge binaural signal processing, the hearing system can localize speech from the front, from behind, or from the side. The two hearing systems work together to provide maximum accuracy.

Different microphone characteristics are activated depending on the direction of speech. ConversationLift and Background Noise Manager settings remain unchanged.

Intelligent wireless technology.
Top-quality binaural signal processing.

It doesn’t get any more natural or comfortable than this: with the HANSATON BiLink, hearing system wearers can enjoy optimum-level hearing in both ears. Cutting-edge signal processing allows the highest-quality synchronization between high-tech hearing systems. BiPhone allows stereo hearing on the telephone as well.

A binaural hearing experience with BiLink.
Two ears can hear better than one: BiLink wirelessly syncs two hearing systems in terms of program or volume settings as well as signal processing. This binaural spatial signal processing is what makes speech detection possible in 360° mode, even in very noisy environments. High-resolution sensors also scan the acoustic environment. By coordinating the microphones on the two hearing systems and analyzing the hearing system wearer’s environment, BiLink helps innovative functions like SurroundOptimizer and SpeechBeam+ work as efficiently and exactly as HANSATON’s groundbreaking ease chip technology allows. BiLink also allows users to stream audio signals through the uDirect 2 (or uDirect 3 for Ease HD hearing instruments) remote control or the BiPhone function. In other words, BiLink is the intelligent foundation for a path toward a natural hearing experience.

Full telephoning enjoyment with BiPhone.
When telephoning using a landline or cell phone, BiPhone users can transfer speaker voices from the phone ear to the other side. HANSATON’s BiPhone thus enables stereo hearing on the phone without any additional equipment. This transmission improves speech intelligibility and makes telephoning easier for the hearing system user.


Most Hansaton hearing systems can be controlled by remote control. These allow the volume to be discreetly adjusted or the hearing programs on your hearing systems to be switched. However, Bluetooth-enabled remote controls offer much more. For example, they allow direct, wireless contact with the TV or stereo system and make it possible for the hearing system to operate like a headset.

  • Easy data transfer with iCube II: More lightness with adjustments, iCube II uses the wireless ability of the hearing systems enabling a completely wireless adjustment and simplifying the transfer of adjustment data between the computer and the hearing system.
  • Multimedia hearing enjoyment with uDirect3: uDirect3 stands for pure multimedia. It enables connections to mobile telephones, television sets, FM receivers and MP3 players, with or without cables depending on personal preference. It therefore ensures a particularly clear and interference-free hearing experience during many different activities. The highlight is the particularly long streaming time, which gives your customers even more freedom.
  • Simply comfortable: RCV2 Remote control: RCV2 remote control discreetly controls the volume and the hearing system programs. Its big and specifically marked keys make it particularly easy to use.
  • uMic2 – Understanding conversation partners more easily: uMic2 is a wireless microphone system which enables hearing systems wearers to understand conversation partners considerably more easily and clearly even in difficult acoustic situations. uMic2 can be attached via an integrated clip on the clothing of a conversation partner. Speech signals from the other person are transferred in a clearly understandable manner via uDirect 3 or uStream to the hearing system wearer.
  • Full TV enjoyment with uTV3: Via Bluetooth uTV3 easily sends audio signals from the television set, the stereo system or any other audio source (e.g. computer) through uDirect3 and uStream to the hearing systems. uTV3 enables wearers to gain maximum enjoyment from watching TV. uTV3 by Hansaton is also used as a charging unit and mount fo the streamers uDirect 3 and uStream.
  • Smart streaming with uSteam: The new uSteam from HANSATON means maximum freedom for your customers as they can use this to modify the volume and programs of their hearing systems and also connect Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones. And uStream’s special benefit is that you hardly notice it, It is simply and discreetly clipped to your clothes – with not a wire in sight.

The multi-talented sound and jam.

Tinnitus is no longer a rarity in today‘s world, and HANSATON‘s current product range has accounted for this development. The HANSATON sound and jam hearing systems help users deal with tinnitus for greater ease in hearing. All hearing systems in both product families have a tinnitus function as a standard feature, thus making them ideal for tinnitus patient care as well.

As an instrument for treating tinnitus, noise generators (noisers) must be able to generate noise signals near the patient‘s threshold of hearing that he or she experiences as pleasant; ideally, these signals should be perceptible over a wide bandwidth. This alone is enough reason to make individual noise signal shaping necessary. With frequency-dependent hearing loss, however, the broadband signal generated by the noiser can never be perceived as broadband.

When fitting the noiser, various pre-defined noise signals can be used as a starting point for the fine-tuning process. Either white or pink noise can be used to start with, depending on the user‘s auditory preferences.

Audiogram results may also be used to determine a starting point. This function can be used for patients with hearing loss, in order to define a reproducible starting point for fine tuning. This method ensures that, even in cases of hearing loss, the device generates noise that can be perceived as broadband near the hearing threshold. It is still possible to tailor the noise signal to individual preferences.

Individual starting point.

  • White noise
  • Pink noise
  • Audiogram based

Custom shaping.
It is always possible to tailor the noise signal to individual preferences.

Pre-programmed success.
scout – the new path.

Even the best hearing system can only perform at its true level of capability when programmed using excellent software. High-quality content and practicality for everyday use are basic requirements for any modern software.

An intuitive user interface helps ensure effective fitting.

HANSATON kept these objectives in mind when developing its innovative new fitting software, scout. It allows precise adjustments to any personal or audiological parameters relevant to an individual hearing system wearer, and distinguishes itself through its logical, thematically oriented structure. What does that mean for the fitting process? Fast, easy access to the different features, and thus efficient programming.

The details are what make scout truly shine.

When developing scout, HANSATON placed special importance on giving users detailed access to the available parameters, thus ensuring them maximum freedom of action. Fulfilling modern design requirements was another priority, in order to give users a pleasant working experience – right down to the smallest detail. After all, the software is more than just a means to an end. It is one of the most important tools of the acoustician trade.

The new ease of hearing, thanks to scout by HANSATON.

scout leads users safely and easily through the entire fitting process: from hearing system selection (visualized using detailed illustrations, short technical descriptions, and definitions of the acoustic connection to the ear) to innovative automatic presets to supplementary accessories. scout is a high-quality, reliable tool to help acousticians achieve their goal of finding optimum individual hearing system settings. And thus creating the new ease of hearing.